Delta Dealing System

The Delta Dealing System is a state of the art electronic trading solution to address the needs of banks’ branches, customers and internal business units.


    Branch Networks

    Increase speed and efficiency by replacing telephone based trading with a branch network dealing solution whereby treasury staff in your headquarters and your branches can converse and trade in real time.

    Sales Desks

    Your corporate sales desk can avoid the time and errors associated with telephone trading and creating manual deal tickets.


    Enabling Brokers to probe new markets and new tiers of banks without incurring the significant costs associated with direct lines or Reuters Dealing 3000 terminals.


    Conversational Dealing.

    Auto Dealing.

    Rate Distribution & File Sharing.

    Conversational Dealing:

    A conversational dealing system is a key tool for FX and Money Market traders. Conversational dealing gives traders access to their communities within a secure and auditable environment.

    Conversational Dealing Features:

      Unlimited simultaneous conversations.

      Trade extraction, trade capture & ticket creation.

      Back office connectivity.

      Archived tickets and conversations retrievable at the user’s PC.

    Auto Dealing:

    Auto Dealing enables the rapid execution of trades between the central treasury and their chosen counterparties. These counterparties may include branch networks, internal sales desks and corporate customers.
    Auto Dealing allows trade margins to be applied to individual or specific groups of counterparties.
    Auto Dealing is supported by our conversational dealing functionality when there is a requirement to exchange information, negotiate or challenge thresholds.

    Auto Dealing Features:

      Rapid execution of trades.

      Configurable rates, margins and thresholds.

      Intuitive & easy to use.

      Supported by conversational dealing.

    MIST-WSI 2

    Rate Distribution & File Sharing:

    The Delta Dealing System Rate Table Distribution enables users to distribute data tables to their closed user group for viewing within the Delta Dealing window. It is appealing to be able to distribute price tables, deposit rates and other documents to your entire community and to update and refresh the data with a few simple key strokes. File sharing enables a user to upload files to a central document repository for access by their target community.

    Table Distribution & File Sharing Features:

      Distribute rate table to your entire user group.

      Rapid data update and refresh function.

      File sharing from a central repository.

      Recipient controls document receipt.


The Delta Dealing System gives you reliability, availability and scalability with advanced SSL security.
Employees have their own Delta Dealing workstation installed on their PC without the need for expensive bespoke hardware and the system does not operate using a web browser.
The client software is designed for Microsoft Windows and runs on the trader’s existing PC.
The installed users connect using existing ISPs or internal networks.