On behalf of our team at MIST Corporation, I welcome you to our web site, and I hope that you can browse through our page, and find our On-line services useful to you and your business.

MIST is a true pioneer in the field of Real-time, on-line, financial information business in Egypt, where you can rely on our Network financial market information connected to your premises to provide you with round the clock financial, real-time data, or you can receive our Egyptian stocks, real time, trading data on either a special Egyptian wide network or on the internet in either Arabic or English language by simply subscribing to our site: http://www.egyptianstocks.com

If you interested in the Internet and all of its vital services and applications, please do not hesitate to call us for support. We have many interesting new, value added information services Coming out soon to serve both Egypt and interested parties on a global basis, so keep browsing through our site on regular basis and we hope you will find it beneficial for your selves.

Dr. Mahmoud Ramadan
Managing Director and Board Member
We would like to introduce (Misr Information Services & Trading ) an Egyptian company specialized in the field of financial information services, the Internet and the local Stock market Information (The Egyptian Bourse).

Our customers consisting of Banks, exchange companies, private investors, Brokers, Portfolio Management Companies & Insurance Companies.

MIST has been in the field of value added information services for many years, during which MIST has built a sizable Network connecting our users on private leased lines in to our corporate communications center down town Cairo.

MIST engineering Team provides its support over Cairo, Alexandria & The Canal Zone
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