Web Applications

Complete financial web application which delivers  Real-time and Historical prices in addition to more Technical charts.

Light financial web application for Real-time  prices.

Web portal application provides Corporate News & Corporate Actions on all Leading Companies. Financial Statements, Fundamental Analysis and Stock Performance. Also coverage of Bond  & Mutual Funds.  Economic Report and news About Important General Assembly Meeting , Dividends Date and the Most Resent Corporate Action on Shares.

Web application provides an excellent solution to all Real Time Financial Information Services and News which meet the complete information needs of the Traders in different sectors (Banks, Private Investors, Exchange Companies, …etc.)

MistI Application

Mist is proud to issue and present its new Product " MIST WS INTERNET " as major Software Program specialized in broadcasting Real-time trading Information from the Egyptian Stock Market with high level Speed and Accuracy Performance.

Mistws Internet Includes many enhancements and new features. Multi-MarketSeveral Arabic stock exchanges are covered by MistwsI.
Real-time Trading Mistws I allows you to connect to your broker to trade real-time.

Graphs Real-time and historical graphs for all the traded symbols.

Position Display Showing the order book graphically.

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MistSat Application

has been providing the real time trading data from The Egyptian Stock Exchange on an on-line high speed land network for the last 7 years & using a land network has always limited our plans to expand outside the main cities in Egypt & of course to any where outside Egypt.

MIST started using the Nile Sat service as a mean for broadcasting the real time trading information from the Egyptian capital market, & now our user can simply use a satellite card, & a one meter dish plus a connecting cable to receive the information on his PC without needing any land line that is expensive & gets faulty every now & then…. The information that the user receives is exactly the same professional package of data that is already available on our landline connected Mist Work Station, but user (the user connected to MIST Work Station)  receives the information faster.