ISDN is an added feature to your existing normal telephone line.
It converts the normal, Analog and slow telephone line to Digital , fast and reliable telephone line.
Virtual two telephone lines:
ISDN has two channels over which two simultaneous calls can be made.
So you can double your telephone lines handling capacity giving more potential customer access to you. Just one ISDN line enables you to:
Receive two telephone calls at the same time.
Surf the Internet without making your line busy.
Make two telephone calls at the same time.
Sends fax and make a call.

Get more out of your lines:
Do you have some telephone lines that are hardly used (e.g. fax lines) and others that are constantly busy? Would you prefer a flexible solution that allows you to manage various applications such as voice, fax, and data through one line?
All this can be done using the ISDN solution.

Enjoy faster Internet access and download times:
Fed-up of that wasted time spent connecting to the Internet with an analog modem? ISDN gives almost instant connection. And once you are working, enjoy the speed that ISDN gives you.64k speed when using one channel or 128 k if combining the two channels. It is 4 times the speed of normal telephone line.
Fast file transfer:
Using fast file transfer you are able to send files directly to another company, without going via the Internet.
This is particularly useful for large documents, graphics or files with a video content. Fast file transfer can save you money on courier and costing costs and posting costs.

Link up with other offices
ISDN can be used to link Local Area Networks (LANs) together. LANs are the local area Networks between computers and servers in your office. ISDN allows information from one LAN to be sent to another, which means that information can be shared company wide.

Video conferencing
ISDN enables you to have audio, video, and data conference between different locations as if you were in a real meeting. Now there is far less travel time and expense involved? Because of ISDN versatility videoconferences can include the sharing of documents, images and other screen displays.

Dial Back-Up for Leased Line
When Leased Line are part of a crucial application, the cost aspect takes secondary importance. However these applications often required second Leased Line to act as back up for the first.
ISDN offers an inexpensive alternative Transmission, coasts are charged only if the ISDN line is used. If the primary circuit fail, the ISDN back-up circuit will be available and ready to continue the application.